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Final report from the NSF Workshop on Future Directions in Wireless Networking

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posted on 13.07.2018, 11:26 by figshare admin nsf
Wireless communication networks are closely intertwined with the very fabric of both civilian and military environments, and their continued growth and well-being is critical to the success and health of our nation. Today's wireless communication industry worldwide is a trillion-dollar business that represents a substantial fraction of the global economy. Over the past two decades, it has had a transformative impact on our society and has revolutionized almost all aspects of human interaction. Through the use of smartphones, personal tablets and increasing number of wireless-based sensors in our environments, wireless networking systems touch every aspect of human lives today. Nonetheless, with exponential spread of mobile wireless devices, continued improvements in spectrum utilization, resource allocation, hardware miniaturization, and development of new renewable energy sources, we find ourselves still very much in the infancy of the development of such networks, which have the potential to grow and become orders-of-magnitude more sophisticated.