Report on the Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation(SI2) PI

2018-07-13T11:25:37Z (GMT) by figshare admin nsf

This workshop brought together Principal Investigators of the Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2) software cyberinfrastructure projects to discuss issues relevant to the community as it moves into the future. 62 SI2 projects were represented in total. These included 12 Institute Conceptualization, 20 SSI, and 30 SSE awards. 60 principal investigators represented the projects. Additionally, 9 participants from the community were invited to share their experiences and ideas. The workshop was organized to include guest presentations, panel discussions, and a poster session.

Some of the workshop findings included: 1) outreach is a critical part of software adoption; 2) it is important to be open with the community and contributors; 3) workforce development is important to the success of scientific software but it is hard to do, because it often requires multidisciplinary training; 4) it is sometimes hard and yet important to have your software credited by others; and 5) software institutes can play an important role in the scientific software ecosystem.